Jangsung Tea Plantation

Location: Nokjin-ri, Nam-myeon, Jangsung-gun, Jeolla-namdo
Size: 13 acres

Jangsung Tea Plantation was established in 1965, being the first tea field our Honam Tea Estates. Jangsung has 35-year, 24-year and 10-year tea trees, meaning the tea trees (camellia sinensis) have been strongly rooted into the foundation and simple weather changes will not affect them. The best example would be the harsh, cold winter that struck Korea a few winters back – many tea fields and plants in South Korea area were destroyed and uprooted by all the snow, strong winds and below freezing temperature. Our fields and tea trees were of the few that survived. The main reason for this was the deep rooting and firm foundation.

Jangsung Tea Plantation is located in the nothernmost point of the province of Jeolla-namdo (the northernmost point in South Korea tha produces tea). This field produces teas of the highest quality and of the best taste. The cooler climate makes this tea estate ideal for tea shrubs reserved for matcha (powdered green tea). Tea leaves reserved for matcha are partially shade-grown (photo below) for a certain amount of time before harvest. This allows for a more vibrant “green” color and sweeter aroma and flavor.

Jangsung Tea Plantation has been officially certified as organic by both South Korea (2009) and the USDA (2010). Hankook Tea’s organic line comes exclusively from this field. All other Hankook Tea’s teas come from a combination of all the different fields within the Honam Tea Estates to ensure consistency in aroma and taste year after year.

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