Youngam Tea Plantation

Location: Unam-ri, Deokjin-myeon, Youngam-gun, Jeolla-namdo
Size: 41 acres


Youngam Tea Plantation was established in 1979 on the foothills of Wolchul (pronounced “wuhl-chool) Mountains.

This region was chosen for its ideal locality, rich soil conditions and natural beauty.

One of the greatest factors in choosing a tea field is the balance of “yin and yang”. In the case of growing tea, this is the balance of sun exposure and natural shading (provided by Wolchul mountain), which ensures the best, natural taste of the tea leaves.
Youngam Tea Plantation is Honam Tea Estate’s largest and most productive tea estate. The pristine lines of this estate’s tea shrubs are recognized as one of Korea’s finest, possessing the most desirable flavors. 

Youngam is also the location of our second factory. Our first, in the city of Gwangju, processes all the tea leaves picked from our Jangsung Tea Plantation. The factory in Youngam takes care of all the tea leaves harvested from both our tea plantations in Youngam and Haenam.

Both factories have received the ISO 22000 certification, which is one of the highest certifications that can be earned when it comes to factories dealing with food products.

The tea from all three fields of the Honam Tea Estates are combined to ensure consistency in aroma and flavor, year after year.


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